There is a growing trend among academic and research institutions to obtain low-cost pricing for patent applications (to stretch their limited financial resources). But not all technologies are equal. For technologies with significant commercial potential, it is important to obtain the broadest and very best patent protection in the US and appropriate global markets. That’s why we created our Patent Partnering Program.

We assess the patentability and commercial potential of our client’s technology. For those accepted into this program, Fish & Richardson drafts a high-quality US patent application that meets our client’s technical and commercial goals. If it will enhance the technology’s value, we also file continuation applications in the US and prosecute patents in key global markets to create a truly robust patent portfolio. Our clients always retain ownership of the patents.

Once the first application is on file, Bastille works with our clients to analyze the global market and create a business strategy to optimize the technology’s value. Sometimes the strategy is to allow the market to mature. More frequently, commercialization can be initiated soon after the initial application is filed. Bastille works closely with Fish & Richardson every step of the way to leverage their vast resources and insight to generate significant revenue streams for our clients.




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