For many academic and research institutions, the primary focus of technology transfer is new technologies. Maturing patents tend to be a lower priority and are often overlooked as a source of revenue. Some of the most valuable patents, however, are 10+ years old.


Our portfolio mining program is the ideal way to bring to light patents which have value – and, perhaps, great value.


We review patents that our clients identify for the program to:

  • Determine whether the patents cover products or services offered in the US, EU or other global markets
  • Assess whether the patented technology might apply to products or services as global markets evolve
  • Identify patents that no longer have commercial application because technology has moved in a different direction and should be considered for abandonment to save the cost of maintenance fees

For those patents with commercial potential, we create and recommend to our clients a strategy that optimizes the technology’s value.


If we generate revenue, we both profit. If we don’t, you owe us nothing.


Why not profit from an asset that is a sunk cost?


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