Over the last 20 years, there has been a global transformation to a technology and knowledge-driven economy. By almost all accounts this trend will continue – increasing innovation, generating previously unimaginable products and services, and continuing to reshape the way we live, work and play. Academic and research institutions are in the forefront of the breakthroughs that have enabled this breathtaking economic transformation. And yet, despite this invaluable contribution, these incredibly innovative institutions have not received a fair share of the revenue their inventions have created and from which others have amassed unprecedented wealth.


Academic and research institutions can and should profit from their investment in research, innovation and invention… if only to generate much-needed revenue to continue their research mission. Intellectual property is an obvious and logical path.  The key obstacles are:

  • the significant cost for prosecuting a high quality patent application
  • the not insubstantial expense of obtaining and maintaining patents in key global markets
  • barriers to commercializing technology (These barriers include cost, understanding the market for the technology, access to market players and marketing capabilities).

Enter the Bastille Program.


Our six service offerings enable academic and research institutions to effectively and efficiently patent and commercialize their technology in the United States (and, where appropriate, elsewhere in the world) with the highest quality legal and business team … and with no out-of-pocket cost to our clients. We call this “risk sharing”. You provide the technology and we provide the finance and expertise.  We are compensated from the revenue we generate, so our interests are aligned. Your success is our success; your risk becomes our risk. And, of course, our clients retain ownership of their patents.


Six Service Offerings that will bring your IP strategy greater success

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