Our clients value their reputation. And we value ours.


Since 1878, Fish & Richardson has earned its reputation for integrity and the trust its clients have placed in it generation after generation.


Bastille LLC was formed specifically for the Bastille Program. Our team has the academic credentials, expertise and track record to commercialize technologies on a global scale. The Bastille Program is built upon the bedrock of integrity.


It is all too commonplace in the IP world to promise ludicrously high and unrealistic results. And, almost invariably, patent owners are disappointed.


We provide you with an honest assessment of your technology, “warts and all”. We believe the most successful business relationships are long-term ones built upon mutual respect, honesty and integrity. As Earl Nightingale observed, “If honesty did not exist, it would have to be invented, as it is the surest way of getting rich.” These are words we live by.


The Bastille Program does not work with patent assertion entities (sometimes referred to as “patent trolls”). We only partner with academic and research institutions which invest in innovation and deserve to share in the wealth they create.








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