Brad Larschan – CEO (Memphis)
Brad Larschan has a unique blend of skills that make him a trusted IP adviser and business leader.  An international lawyer by training, he joined the Washington, DC office of Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy after law school.  Since 1991, Brad has held a variety of dynamic business roles, ranging from CEO of IP-oriented companies to advising global investment management firms on assessing and structuring IP investments.  Brad and his team also have extensive experience in international patent monetization.  Prior to joining Bastille, he was the CEO of two companies with IP as a central component of their business: Vehicle IP, LLC and Sasial Vehicle Technologies, Ltd.  Vehicle IP acquired a portfolio of wireless communication and in-vehicle telematics patents and monetized those assets through joint ventures, licensing and litigation.  Sasial (based in the EU) is an intellectual property licensing company with a portfolio of patents throughout the European Union using an employing enforcement strategy involving licensing and litigation. Brad’s principal distinguishing strength is that he brings a creative approach to structuring IP opportunities.

Brad has a BS from Boston University (magna cum laude), an MA in international relations and international law from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (high honors) and a JD from Boston College Law School (magna cum laude).

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