Simon Fisher – VP Technology Strategy (London)

Simon Fisher has worked in high technology industries for more than 20 years, in roles spanning research & development, marketing, technology strategy and, for the past 15 years, technology and patent licensing. Since 2007, Simon has provided advisory and management services as a consultant to patent owners and investors across a wide spectrum of technologies. In that time he has made substantial contributions to patent management programs spanning technologies such as cellular, semiconductor memory, IT infrastructure, telematics, consumer electronics and smarts. Prior to 2007, Simon worked for the international technology transfer firm, BTG plc, where he worked on a number of patent mining, development and licensing programs culminating in generation of substantial revenues on behalf of academic and corporate clients, as well as individual inventors.


Simon has direct experience of mining and prioritizing large portfolios of historical patent assets and creating effective strategies for monetization within the impacted technology markets. As with the other members of the Bastille team, Simon has a creative approach to the business of intellectual property management. His distinguishing strength is a strong technological and scientific fluency, supported by a solid grounding in commercial realities together with familiarity with, and experience in, contract and patent law.


Simon is a co-director of Sasial Vehicle Technologies, Ltd, and has also provided consulting support to Vehicle IP, LLC.


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