Bastille, LLC is a global IP development and commercialization company.  Our clients are academic and research institutions all over the world, including their researchers, start-ups and spin-offs.


At its core, Bastille’s goals are (1) assisting with the development and commercialization of technology that improves the way people live, work and play and (2) returning fair value to the institutions that develop these technologies so that they may reinvest in further research activities.


We believe deeply in our ability to achieve these goals.  So much so that we are compensated only from sharing in the revenue we generate.  If we are unsuccessful, our clients never get a bill.  When we are successful, we both share.


The Bastille Program’s IP development and commercialization significantly enhances the value of our clients’ technologies.  Our expertise and network enable us to deliver more commercialization opportunities and revenue to clients than they are able to generate themselves.


Bastille is expert at multi-jurisdictional commercialization. Where appropriate, we optimize patent value through carefully crafted trans-national commercialization campaigns that deliver fair value for our clients.


Whenever possible, Bastille works closely with the world’s pre-eminent IP law firm, Fish & Richardson. Our executive leadership team has worked with Fish for more than a dozen years. We are an independent company that enjoys a strategic alliance with the “go to” IP law firm to provide unparalleled services to academic and research institutions.


Bastille provides personal, knowledgeable and prompt service. We seek long-term relationships with our clients.






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